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How to Attract All Types of Gamers to Your Esports Venue

How to Attract All Types of Gamers to Your Esports Venue

Providing a gaming business that caters to all gamers is something you need to establish as soon as a customer walks in your door. At times, we have found that even adding the word "esports" to your business could provide some apprehension before they step foot in your business. This may be because the word esports can mean everything is a competition. It's important to take time to get to know your gaming customers and find out what makes them interested in coming to your venue and what they like to participate in.

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Our first venue eBash game center in Terre Haute, IN started in 2004.

ggCircuit’s Business Plan Template for an Internet Cafè (DOWNLOAD)

Organized competitive video gaming or esports has continuously grown over the past years to become a global phenomenon. As the popularity of online computer and video gaming grew, so too did its following.

Today, esports competitions from all over the world are followed and watched by thousands of fans live and thousands more through online streaming. Major esports tournaments can be as avidly followed as regular sports events.

Thanks to the growth of esports, gaming centers have been seeing a resurgence in business. Esports venues, a similar concept to internet cafes, are also enjoying a rise in popularity.

If you are hoping to capitalize on the booming esports and gaming industry and open an internet cafè or a dedicated esports venue, you need to research and plan thoroughly. 

It is vital that you understand the ins and outs of the business and have a complete plan first. In this article, we will help you with both. 


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On site expertise could be a game changer for making your esports venue successful. Photo couresy of The Esports Cave - Austin, TX

What venues want from esports consultants

In the development of the esports ecosystem, some entrepreneurs have created a business known as the "esports consultant". This esports consulting market can be a wide range of things. Tournaments, marketing, leagues, and coaching can be many niches that their consulting fits into the wide world of esports organizations and businesses.

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