What's a PC Bang and Why Esports Centers Should Emulate It

What's a PC Bang and Why Esports Centers Should Emulate It

Video gaming has come a long way since its birth in the 1970s and 1980s. With the rise of esports, gaming centers have become popular attractions for gamers around the world. After all, playing online games is more enjoyable with friends around, where you can rib each other and share a laugh between rounds. It's different with a personal computer at home; it's harder to share the experience.

In the early 2000s, PC bangs, similar to internet cafes, became popular in South Korea. PC bangs are gaming centers where people can play video games on powerful computers with high-speed internet. Generally, they're open 24/7 and charge affordable prices either by the hour or day for the use of their services and amenities.

What Is a PC Bang?

A PC bang is Korean for "PC room"; it is a gaming center where people can come in and play computer games. They're located in areas in South Korea that are known for their shopping, entertainment, and nightlife.

PC bang in 2008Image: Joop

PC bangs are the go-to places for Korean gamers who want access to good computers with the fastest internet connections. PC bangs provide access to reliable internet, comfortable chairs, and the latest online multiplayer games. They're also great places for young adults to meet up with friends or make new ones.

PC bangs have created a unique gaming culture that isn't found anywhere else in the world. Not only do PC bangs offer access to the latest and greatest games, but they also have a wide range of activities for gamers to participate in. From tournaments and competitions to LAN parties, players can find something new every time they visit and play with their friends.

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What Made PC Bangs So Successful as a Business?

Many people, especially the younger market, have been drawn to PC bangs because they provide a social setting while playing games. One of its primary benefits is the low prices, which range between $1 and $5 an hour. This has made it accessible for gamers of all ages and backgrounds, especially those who can't afford to purchase and maintain a high-end gaming PC, fast internet connection, and popular games at home.

PC bang entranceImage: Tim Walker

Aside from the technical aspects, such as powerful computers and unlimited internet access, these establishments also provide a comfortable and social atmosphere. Customers can buy food and beverages when they feel like taking a break from their gaming session. For example, they can purchase a soft drink and instant noodles to satisfy their appetite.

Additionally, PC bangs operate 24/7, providing customers the freedom to play at any time of day or night. This is especially beneficial if you're a night owl who needs a place to hang out and game late into the night.

PC bangs save on overhead costs by charging customers for their time rather than the number of machines they use. Moreover, since all machines are connected to the same network, middleware and anti-cheat software can be easily installed and maintained. As such, ensuring a fair gaming experience for all users is easier. This is especially important for esports centers since having an even playing field is essential for competitive gaming.

This type of business model has been so successful that it's continuing to grow in popularity in South Korea and other Asian countries today. PC Bangs are quite lucrative because they offer a fun and low-cost way to play games.

Can LAN/Esports Centers emulate the PC Bang Business Model?

Esports centers worldwide have looked to the PC Bang business model as a source of inspiration to create their own gaming spaces. Many have been successful in doing so, creating an environment that is both professional and welcoming for gamers of all skill levels.

LAN centers can benefit from the PC Bang business model by providing high-end hardware and software for gamers to use. By investing in quality computers with powerful graphics cards, processors, and memory, as well as fast internet speed, these centers provide an ideal platform for competitive gaming. This will ensure that gamers have the best experience possible and can improve their gaming skills quickly and effectively.

PC bang equipment

Another benefit of PC Bangs is the ability to offer tournaments, leagues, and ladders for competitive gamers. These events provide an excellent opportunity for esports centers to engage with their community while also giving gamers an incentive to come back again and again. In addition, these events generate additional revenue streams through sponsorships, merchandise sales, ticket sales, and so on.

Esports centers can also benefit from the PC Bang model by creating a social atmosphere. By providing comfortable seating and space for gamers to hang out, talk, and even watch tournaments on big screens or projector screens, these centers create an inviting environment that will attract both competitive and casual gamers alike. This type of atmosphere also encourages people to stay longer at the center, which translates into more revenue for the business.

Finally, like Korean PC bangs, they can operate with minimal staff due to automation. Customers can access the PCs using their accounts, and all gaming services are provided through software. They can also order meals and pay using their credit card right from their computers, which streamlines the process and saves time. This is great for esports centers that want to reduce overhead expenses, such as labor costs, by reducing staff and increasing automation.

For esports centers, PC bangs provide an exciting business model that can be emulated with some modifications. By offering gamers access to powerful PCs and creating a comfortable environment, esports centers can tap into the growing market of gamers who are looking for an improved gaming experience.

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Why Do Gamers Prefer To Play in a PC Bang?

The release of Starcraft in 1998 brought about the emergence of PC bangs in Korea. In these small gaming cafes, gamers can access high-end computers that are suited for playing modern games. The fees are usually low, and they provide free drinks and snacks to their patrons.

Professional gamers prefer to play in their local PC bang because it gives them access to the latest hardware and computer games as well as a gaming atmosphere that can't be found anywhere else. These establishments paved the way for esports to become today's popular and profitable industry in South Korea.

PC bangImage: Raymond June

Plus, the uniform gaming environment is great for tournaments since all players have access to the same hardware and settings. PC bangs are more than just a place for gamers to play. They're also a social hub and gathering spot for gamers of all skill levels and a great source of knowledge about gaming trends and strategies.

In addition to providing an excellent place for serious gamers to enjoy their hobby, PC bangs also offer an opportunity for casual players who don't have the budget or space at home to play on powerful machines. This makes them popular with both casual gamers and competitive players alike.


For many years, South Korea has been known as an international leader in esports. Part of this success is due to the prevalence of PC bangs, or gaming centers, that provide gamers with access to high-end gaming PCs, exciting video games, fast connections, and comfortable seating.

Today, PC bangs are becoming more widespread as esports continue to grow in popularity. As a result, esports centers across the rest of the world can benefit from emulating the PC bang model!

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