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Esports Venue Owners: The Blue Pill or The Red Pill

The Blue Pill and the Red pill both refer to choices. In the movie The Matrix, there are two pills offered to Neo: A blue pill and a red pill. The blue pill will keep him in Wonderland (the world as it seems) while the red pill will show him how deep the rabbit hole goes.

These terms have become metaphors at ggCircuit for embracing the esports venue status quo or seeing a new reality and making a change towards nirvana. These concepts apply to this article in that we will be talking about the two sides of being an esports venue owner, and how to navigate the two sides.

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On site expertise could be a game changer for making your esports venue successful. Photo couresy of The Esports Cave - Austin, TX

What venues want from esports consultants

In the development of the esports ecosystem, some entrepreneurs have created a business known as the "esports consultant". This esports consulting market can be a wide range of things. Tournaments, marketing, leagues, and coaching can be many niches that their consulting fits into the wide world of esports organizations and businesses.

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