Best Prebuilt PC for Esports Center 2022

Best Prebuilt PC for Esports Center 2022

Although gaming consoles and handheld gadgets are pretty appealing and straightforward to use for entertainment, there's really nothing that beats PC gaming. Gaming PC enthusiasts know that the quality of gameplay provided when you play on your own PC is unmatched despite all the technology we have nowadays.

In order to fully enjoy your gaming PC, you must first make sure it can run and play games with the best performance possible. People who have the money can get their computers built by experts. However, those who are keen on research can easily find gems in the form of prebuilt gaming PCs.

A prebuilt gaming PC is a desktop designed and built by a manufacturer that contains parts that improve the responsiveness and speed of video games. The main advantage of prebuilt gaming PCs is that owners are assured that everything in their system works together.

Another benefit of choosing prebuilt gaming PC brands over custom designs is that they are ready to use as soon as you get them. A PC built using custom specifications can take hours or even days to complete when you request them from a manufacturer or provider.

To give you an idea of the best-prebuilt PC options available, we've prepared a guide that lists and details each gaming PC we believe is ideal for users today.

HP Omen 45L

HP Omen 45LImage: HP

The best-prebuilt gaming PC that we believe works great for esports centers is the HP Omen 45L. The HP Omen gaming desktop is the flagship product of HP and provides owners with the aftermarket look and feel they want in a custom-built PC.

What makes HP a good choice is that the brand will happily build their Omen gaming desktop for you in either AMD or Intel. Of course, you can also choose between an AMD or Nvidia graphics card.

With the tower, you have access to an innovative liquid-cooling component with colorful RGB fans. You'll also get a high-quality build that is easy to service, along with space for a total of six storage drives.

At this time, you can get the Omen 45L from HP to come with an Intel Core i9 processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 GPU, 64GB DDR memory, and a couple of 2TB SSDs to boot. In addition, you can obtain an extended warranty for your PC gaming hardware.

For those who are used to the size of ATX mid-towers, you might be surprised with what the HP Omen 45L has to offer. This big box gaming PC has dimensions of 21.8 x 8 x 18.5 inches in HWD or an equivalent space of more than 45 liters.

The Omen 45L has a unique "cryo chamber," which gives it an exotic appeal. The primary purpose of this area is to allow the cooler of the CPU to obtain outside air and not the warm air within the case itself. This is beneficial as it lowers processor temperatures significantly, especially when using demanding graphics cards.

If you're looking for a powerful gaming PC for your esports center, then you should consider the HP Omen 45L. Not only does it look great, but it also offers a unique cooling chamber for the CPU.

It offers excellent expansion capability while being easy to service as well. Its tempered glass and metal construction both give it a premium feel for owners.

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Lenovo Legion Tower 5i

Lenovo Legion Tower 5iImage: Lenovo

If you're looking for a budget gaming PC, then you should check out this product from Lenovo. Their Legion Tower 5i comes with a six-core Intel Core i5 CPU, 12GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, solid-state drive, and an optional regular hard drive. It also comes with 16GB of DDR4 RAM.

Unlike the 2020 version, the Legion Tower 5i no longer has that funky carry handle included in its box. The all-black external case is made of plastic but is durable enough, thanks to its metal frame underneath.

It has a see-through side that isn't made of tempered glass, yet it provides owners with a good view of the interior and can be particularly visible with the right case lighting. The case itself comes with four lighting zones that are easy to configure by using the Lenovo Vantage app.

The Legion Tower 5i has a couple of front and rear 120mm fans that offer RGB lighting support with up to 16.7 million colors. Meanwhile, it also has two other lighting zones that are pale blue. Each of these lighting zones can be turned off according to your preference.

When it comes to airflow, you get a total of three fans with the Legion Tower 5i. The top panel is grated like its front panel, providing added airflow. You can expect the fans to make some audible noise, but they usually stay quiet most of the time, even when gaming.

This gaming desktop may have a small CPU cooler, but it has enough power to manage the heat given off by the Core i5-11400 CPU with a 65-watt thermal design power rating. In addition, one can easily add new RAM sticks with the Legion Tower 5i, thanks to the easy access it provides inside.

Although not the most powerful gaming PC on this list, this offering from Lenovo makes it a compelling desktop if you're looking for a low-cost option.

MSI Aegis RS

MSI Aegis RSImage: MSI

Priced at around $2,199.99, the MSI Aegis RS is one of the best-prebuilt gaming PCs you can find today. This unit has an Intel Core i7-12700K CPU, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 GPU, 16GB DDR5 RAM, and a spacious 1TB NVMe SSD. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

It's essential to remember that the Aegis RS is only available as a preconfigured model, which means you can't custom order a package. Nevertheless, this tower is suited for all sorts of gaming experiences, whether you plan to game on AAA titles at 4k resolution or bring it to your esports center.

The front panel is stylish yet at the same time functional with its tempered glass and airflow grate design. You can remove the front panel by tugging at it from the bottom, giving access to three 120mm RGB fans and a dust filter that you can wash.

There's also another dust filter at the top that is magnetically attached to the case. Meanwhile, its top-mounted ports sport a single USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, microphone, and headphone slots. The LED, reset, and power mode buttons are all close by for users to access.

If you need to access the interior of the Aegis RS tower, you simply have to take out the thumb screws located on both sides of the panel. Additionally, you can expect an airflow exhaust available thanks to its 120mm rear fan and a couple of other 120mm fans situated at the top-mounted CPU cooler area.

The motherboard used in the MSI Aegis RS is an MSI Pro Z690 with an Intel Z690 chipset that allows for overclocking of the CPU. However, you'll have to overclock the processor yourself since the chip isn't set to do so out of the box.

Alienware Aurora R13

Alienware Aurora R13Image: Dell

For those searching for the best-prebuilt gaming PC that not only has the looks but the hardware to back it up, then you might want to check out what the Alienware Aurora R13 has to offer. This flagship gaming desktop from the manufacturer has just been updated with significant changes both inside and out.

It boasts the latest 12th Generation "Alder Lake" processor in the form of the Intel Core i9-12900KF, as well as a whopping graphics card by way of its Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090. Although it may be expensive for many gamers, those with a budget will love the performance and power that the Aurora R13 offers.

If you're comparing the previous design of the Aurora desktop to what you can get from Alienware now, you'll notice that almost everything has been changed. From the front alone, you'll be able to view all of the components in your top-end Aurora configuration, thanks to its clear plastic panel and honeycomb screen. Meanwhile, the left panel allows you to view the parts of your desktop from a different angle if you wish.

Despite its plastic build, you can still get some class based on the appearance and style that the Aurora projects. Its interior is illuminated with LEDs and is leagues away in terms of looks compared to its predecessors. This latest iteration from Alienware gives its interior construction and design elements justice.

If you wish to access the interior, you'll have to pop off the rear panel, which is attached to the case magnetically so that you can take out the left-side window. Despite being a big chassis, you'll see that the Aurora R13 isn't that spacious, yet users will have more than enough space when swapping out parts.

To make this build even better, you can find an ideal range of ports on its front and back panels. The front boasts three USB 3.1 ports, a single USB-C port, and a headphone jack. Most connections are available at the back with USB 2.0, USB-C, USB 3.2, Ethernet, and audio ports.

Besides the physical change in appearance, the Aurora R13 provides users with an updated processor to give enhanced performance when gaming. As a result, this prebuilt gaming PC promises both efficiency and power for its owners.

Origin PC Millennium 5000T

Origin PC Millennium 5000TImage: Origin

There may be many gaming PC brands that offer high-end gaming desktops today, but the Millennium 5000T from Origin stands out. The Corsair-built case of this package comes with an Intel Core i9-12900 KS processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition GPU, and a massive amount of storage space.

It has appealing case fans to boot as well as a custom print in its tower. Not only will it provide gamers with blazing fast frame rates, but it also has excellent performance, even when gaming at 4K resolution.

This big tower PC is impressive in terms of how it's assembled. It boasts three vertical RGB fans that are clearly visible through the front panel, with the left panel made with tinted tempered glass. Users can see the near arrangement of its interior through the glass. It hosts awesome interior lighting, additional RGB fans, and even RGB memory as well.

In terms of size, you'll have to clear some desk space if you plan to bring in the Millennium 5000T home. Its case has a measurement of 22.1 x 9.9 x 20.9 inches (HWD), so it's not exactly a compact gaming PC if you're looking for that.

If you're looking to expand on any of the components of this tower, then you'll definitely have room to do so. The interior provides users access to four 2.5-inch drive slots and two 3.5-inch bays. You also have enough clearance for a 250mm power supply unit, 170mm CPU cooler, and a 400mm graphics card.

Besides the access to its power supply, the case that comes with the Origin Millennium 5000T is actually easy to work with. Users can access its side door without using tools as it can be opened by just tugging it slightly. Not only does this make this design from Origin feel classier, but it also helps make maintaining the interior a lot easier.

In terms of connectivity, users have access to two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, one USB-C connector, and a headphone jack. You'll also find the power and reset buttons at the top edge of the tower.

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Falcon Northwest Tiki

Falcon Northwest TikiImage: Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest is one of the top gaming PC brands that know how to produce fast and well-engineered computers. The small-form design of the Tiki is one of the latest prebuilt gaming PCs that the company has to offer.

You'll find that this desktop is available in either AMD or Intel processors, as well as the option to choose between a professional or gaming-class graphics card. Although it's a bit expensive compared to others on this list, the Tiki provides excellent craftsmanship, top-notch components, and an outstanding warranty.

People looking for the best-prebuilt gaming PC that doesn't take up much space will love the Falcon Northwest Tiki. The slim size of this tower can only be set up vertically for cooling purposes but offers durability to users thanks to its aluminum frame.

In terms of connectivity, you can find two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, and a combo audio jack at the top side of the tower. You can also easily access its power and reset buttons together with the perforations for the cooling system.

Thanks to the innovative thumb screws of the Tiki, owners can easily open the case and tinker with its interior. The great thing about their screws is that they are spring-loaded, so users can pop them out automatically once the threads have been loosened sufficiently.

When looking at the interior, the first thing people notice is the GPU, which is vertically mounted. When you purchase a prebuilt gaming PC from Falcon Northwest, they let you decide on the exact GPU model you want. You can go as high as the GeForce RTX 3090 if you wish.

You also get to choose how much RAM you want in your tower. You can get a standard 8GB module, or a couple of 16GB sticks if you want that extra performance during gaming sessions.

Due to being relatively narrow in design, the Tiki isn't unable to accommodate the regular desktop power supplies most in this list can have. So instead, it uses the industry-standard SFX-L form factor intended for smaller units.

This power supply is capable of supporting a 120mm fan which makes it great for quiet operation. It's also rated at 800 watts and 80 Plus Titanium in terms of efficiency. Despite appearing overkill for its size, the presence of this power supply means that your PC doesn't have to overload itself when you use it.

As hinted above, the Tiki is quite silent with regard to its fans. These units can quickly send warm air away from your tower and don't produce much noise at all when active. After all, the best gaming PCs are those that generate as little sound as possible.

Velocity Micro Raptor Z55

Velocity Micro Raptor Z55Image: Velocity Micro

Many would say that the Velocity Micro Raptor Z55 is the best-prebuilt gaming PC on this list, and there's a good reason for that. Not only does this tower provide outstanding performance for esports gamers, but it also offers professional aesthetics and solid U.S.-based support.

The performance of this package is due to the latest Alder Lake processors it uses, along with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards. Its clean build, top-end parts, and custom tuning make the Raptor Z55 an excellent choice for heavy gaming at any resolution.

Velocity Micro is known for its gaming desktops' clean and professional styling, and the same can be said with the Raptor Z55. The tower is made of an aluminum frame and is quite sturdy, a trait many of their builds have.

If you find the exterior professional and clean, wait until you see the interior. The inside is all silver matched with black fittings with all cables set neatly to where they are needed. All of the fans have bluish lighting and some flair.

Despite its minimalistic appeal, this gaming desktop doesn't mean it will look out of place in an esports gaming center. One can easily bring their Raptor Z55 to various gaming environments and will not feel inadequate, thanks to the high-end components in its arsenal.

Are Prebuilt PCs Worth It?

Many people consider the prebuilt desktop the best gaming PC available due to how easy you can get them up and running. One simply has to purchase them from a provider and can start using them as soon as they bring their unit home.

Prebuilt gaming computers are ideal for people who don't have the time, money, or experience to tinker with components on their own. It's definitely a convenient choice for many gamers today.

How Much RAM Is Enough?

Getting at least 16GB of RAM is enough for most esports gamers today. This amount of memory will be useful in providing users with the speed and performance they need when playing video games.

Upgrading to 16GB from 8GB of RAM will give players a significant boost in terms of capabilities. This is also recommended as it supports today's broadest selection of PC games.


Many prebuilt gaming desktop units available today make for ideal use in esports centers. However, we believe that the HP Omen 45L is the best gaming PC overall.

The package provides owners with the durability, performance, and capabilities they need to meet their esports expectations. In addition, the innovative liquid cooling solution of the Omen 45L makes it quite the unique option out of the ones provided in this list.

If you're looking for the best-prebuilt gaming desktop today, you should definitely consider what the Omen 45L from HP has to offer.

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