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Esports Venue Owners: The Blue Pill or The Red Pill

The Blue Pill and the Red pill both refer to choices. In the movie The Matrix, there are two pills offered to Neo: A blue pill and a red pill. The blue pill will keep him in Wonderland (the world as it seems) while the red pill will show him how deep the rabbit hole goes.

These terms have become metaphors at ggCircuit for embracing the esports venue status quo or seeing a new reality and making a change towards nirvana. These concepts apply to this article in that we will be talking about the two sides of being an esports venue owner, and how to navigate the two sides.

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Boost engagement and brand loyalty in esports.

Boost customer engagement and brand loyalty using ggLeap 2.0's tools

Gaming has never been more popular than it is now with the rise of esports. There are many ways to boost engagement in this industry, but one way that we have found to be really successful is by using the tools and features of ggLeap 2.0 in your marketing and business strategy. Here are 6 ways you can use ggLeap 2.0 for marketing and customer engagement:

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Leading eSports Services Company ggCircuit Acquired by Esports Entertainment Group

Video games and betting now a fearsome duo.

ggCircuit, an Indiana-based B2B software company, is now part of Esports Entertainment Group following a successful acquisition closing. Esports Entertainment Group is a full-stack esports and traditional sports betting company. It is also the only licensed esports gambling company listed on NASDAQ.

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Manage your center with a solution catered to your esports center

ggLeap Esports Center Management Software Adds Significant Features This Spring

The ggLeap development team has been reinventing and improving our esports center management software since its inception. After the release of ggLeap 2.0 last April, our devs have been hard at work to add extra features that will help esports center owners with their day-to-day business operations. If you are still on the fence about our software, read on to see how much we have improved ggLeap with its recent May 2021 update.

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