ggLeap 2.0: Evolution of Esports Center Management Software

ggLeap 2.0: Evolution of Esports Center Management Software

The end of the year is fast approaching and it seems like yesterday when we started releasing incremental improvements and updates to the ggLeap esports center management software. LAN centers can expect more updates and improvements to ggLeap but we would like to review our progress with ggLeap 2.0.

ggCircuit has come a long way from organizing esports events with various centers across the US. The LAN center industry has grown in the past few years and esports tournaments are now part of the offering in every venue, whereas before a highly skilled gamer will have to keep an eye for official events to participate in tournaments. Our platform has integrated both the management and competitive aspects of an esports venue.

The ggLeap esports center management platform was the first cloud-based solution that enabled LAN center owners to remotely monitor and manage their business. ggCircuit pioneered a lot of great features that were previously unheard of and we did not rest on our laurels but continued improving our product and accommodated feedbacks from esports centers.

Here is the list of things that ggCircuit has added or improved in the ggLeap platform over the past few months.

The Client User Interface With WebView

ggLeap 2.0 client user interface with WebViewggLeap 2.0 client user interface with WebView

The client user interface underwent a lot of changes in ggLeap 2.0 and a decision was made to rebuild the whole client experience to make it look fresh and attractive for the gamers. The new client uses WebView which is lighter and faster than the previous iteration of the ggLeap client's Unity engine.

Users will now be able to quickly find games by filtering the catalogUsers will now be able to quickly find games by filtering the catalog

One of the problems that plagued the previous version of the client was the issue with user navigation due to the non-standard location of buttons and icons. From the development perspective, its design also made it difficult to make navigation scalable since changing anything could potentially break the layout.

ggLeap 2.0's game screenggLeap 2.0's game screen

Game Filtering and Shop

While the games and apps sections were easy to access, having so much content, at first sight, can make it hard for the user to find the games they are looking for. The redesign process implemented adding a way to customize the experience for the user so it will be easier to search for a game (or app) using filters.

The revamped design of the games and apps sections will make it easier for a user to distinguish between the two. Also, showing the latest played games and the most popular games will enable a user to quickly play or search for a game.

Placing an order is now a lot easier thanks to the improved checkout experiencePlacing an order is now a lot easier thanks to the improved checkout experience

The new checkout experience for the shop and prize vault makes it easier to understand and to perform orders.

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Web Administrator

The ggLeap web admin had been through several facelifts throughout the years. While it retained its core features during its many user interface iterations, the addition of new features made it more difficult to use. It was further complicated by the lack of hierarchy in the menus and the amount of different visual components created usability and navigation issues.

ggCircuit's design team discovered from customer feedback that they want to have everything accessible but its usage does not have an efficient flow. For starters, the web admin has to be intuitive to use and the visual style has to be consistent.

The current web admin sports sleeker and more intuitive menusThe current web admin sports sleeker and more intuitive menus

The ggCircuit Productive Design System solved the issue by giving consistent patterns and styles to the components. The design team created a library of reusable components to enable faster development and make the web admin's UI more intuitive. The design team then went through the process of reorganizing the information from each screen to create easier-to-understand flows and reused structures to ensure consistency in the application.


ggCircuit added the ggCrypto early this year due to popular demand from esports centers that wanted to utilize their GPUs to earn additional revenue. While some LAN center owners were able to mine cryptocurrency without this feature, however, the majority of our customers wanted a simple solution that is quick, easy to use, and efficient. In fact, we just recently reached a milestone of $1 million in cryptocurrency mining!

The ggCrypto dashboardThe ggCrypto dashboard

Settings of ggCrypto can be accessed in the web admin. Monitoring the GPU hash rate and earnings are also found in the web admin.

ggCrypto settingsggCrypto settings

Recently, options were added for overclocking and it refined how ggCrypto is utilized for a center's GPUs (currently accessible only in the beta web admin). A scheduling option to further improve how cryptocurrency is mined when there are no gamers in the venue will be added soon.

Overclocking settings for GPUOverclocking settings for GPU

Square POS Platform Integration

Square is a robust POS solution for managing sales and inventory. A lot of ggCircuit's customers have been using this platform and are requesting this integration feature. Finally, ggCircuit added this to complement the web admin's existing POS system and as a way to enable customers to pay using their credit card via a QR code, which adds convenience and security to the transaction.

The Square integration made it possible for users to pay using their credit card via a QR codeThe Square integration made it possible for users to pay using their credit card via a QR code

The integration process of Square has to be done in the web admin. From there, an esports center admin has the option to export users and inventory items to Square. This will allow center owners to manage their sales and inventory in a single platform.

Google, Facebook & SSO

ggLeap 2.0 added new methods of logging in to the client. Users may now log in using their Google and Facebook accounts via a QR code which adds a layer of security when logging in.

Also, the ability to link the existing account to a new center will eliminate the need to create a new account when playing on another esports gaming center. Again, taking into consideration the user experience of a gamer.

New Leaderboards and Automated Coin Payout System

Released just a few weeks ago, the new and improved leaderboards will let you enable tracking for supported games and set automatic coin payout for ranking gamers. Whereas, the previous version of the leaderboards does not have the option to select the duration of leaderboards (daily, weekly or monthly).

ggCircuit added this to the program as it is the perfect tool for customer retention and loyalty. It will also create a competitive environment for highly skilled players in an esports center and the leaderboards can also act as a center's tournament management platform. Coins can be exchanged for items in the Prize Vault which will incentivize game time in the center.

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New Custom Configurations

The previous iteration of the client only allows the logo to be added for customization. The ggLeap 2.0 client UI was white-labeled in order to allow the esports center to customize using their brand colors and logos.

ggCircuit went further and added the capability to fully customize the client using a video. Normally, this would cause concerns for esports centers that are located in places where internet bandwidth is an issue. The video will be downloaded and stored locally in the client so it alleviates the need to redownload the video file every time the client is booted.

The client customization feature used to be only available for our Pro or Enterprise customers during our software's beta phase. This is now free and can be enjoyed by all of our customers.

The Best Just Got Better

Those are just some of the updates and improvements made to the ggLeap esports center management software. The redesign is more than just cosmetic updates to our platform; our design and development team took into consideration the feedback of our customers, UX, and performance.

ggCircuit is still working on upcoming features that will be useful for LAN centers and will continue to create a great gaming experience for gamers. LAN center owners can expect more from the ggLeap platform in the future as we are currently developing more features that will ensure the success of your business.

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