Esports Entertainment Group Achieves $1 Million Mark in Cryptocurrency Mining

Esports Entertainment Group Achieves $1 Million Mark in Cryptocurrency Mining

The esports and online gambling brand, Esports Entertainment Group, has just announced that the crypto mining app of ggCircuit designed for esports centers has just reached its milestone of $1 million. The new digital currency mining application was a recent addition to the existing ggLeap subscription plan that allows LAN center owners to make use of idle computer power for Ethereum cryptocurrency mining.

Since the digital beta version of the system was introduced in May 2021, 304 centers in 58 countries worldwide have already decided to take part. The network has already mined more than $1 million in cryptocurrencies within the blockchain. With numerous computers and data involved, this number continues to increase to this day.

According to Grant Johnson, the CEO of Esports Entertainment Group, ggCircuit’s crypto mining app has become quite popular in the past few months. In fact, it added close to 200 LAN centers as of July 2021. The CEO states that hitting this milestone has become a major step for them as Esports Entertainment Group – in tandem with ggCircuit – continues to expand and get positive feedback.

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About Esports Entertainment Group

Esports Entertainment Group is a premier online gambling and esports enterprise. Their goal is to assist fans and gamers around the world to connect with each other and contribute to growing the future of esports center entertainment.

Esports Entertainment Group is made up of a team of experienced senior managers and board members. Each of their team members is considerably experienced in the esports and online gambling industries. Their combined experience has allowed the company to continue generating positive revenue throughout the years.

Together with their related affiliates, Esports Entertainment Group stands at the forefront to help people stay connected while continuing to take part in the types of esports they are interested in. Its partnership with ggCircuit has expanded the capabilities of the group and has allowed them to become even more connected with the world of esports.

The esports company has also formed traditional sports partnerships with professional teams such as those in the NBA, NFL, FIFA, and NHL. These connections have allowed Esports Entertainment Group to gain worldwide recognition. Furthermore, they also support community-focused tournaments for a wide variety of esports, LAN centers, and casinos.

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About ggCircuit

ggCircuit is an esports solution provider that helps esports center owners around the world run their businesses successfully. ggLeap, a next-generation and cloud-based platform will allow centers to run their video games, reward players, and host local tournaments when needed.

The company began as a grassroots movement back in 2008 by fellow LAN center owners and managers who were passionate about growing the industry. These individuals sought to support esports centers, cybercafes, and universities worldwide by providing them with the ideal management software.

Pooling together their resources and collective experience, the team was able to develop the cutting-edge LAN center management software known as ggLeap. The platform allows users to take control and monitor each transaction in their gaming center wherever they are located — even through mobile devices. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide gamers with the best experience possible.

Furthermore, ggLeap offers integrations with well-known third-party vendors like Square to ensure safe transactions and provide high-quality experiences for all gamers in their network.

The ggLeap system is not only flexible and easy to use for LAN centers, but it also provided ggCircuit with end-user features that allowed gamers to stay engaged. This provided registered members with incentives to play in their esports centers since the rewards were greater than playing at home.

Ever since its launch, ggCircuit has grown to become a company that fully supports the esports scene. It provides LAN centers services with its software solutions for continuous global competition. They also continually develop their reward system and tournament management while providing center consulting support services.

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