ggLeap Esports Software Features Release - November 2021

ggLeap Esports Software Features Release - November 2021

ggCircuit has recently released several new features and improvements for the ggLeap esports center management software. We have kept developing the ggLeap platform and added features, some of which were requested by esports gaming center owners, to ensure the efficiency of the software and to keep up with the updates from Windows, games, and apps.

As the esports center industry is reopening business all over the world, ggCircuit wants to make sure that our software is ready to give gamers a new gaming experience that they can only get in an esports venue.


ggLeap Web Administrator


Shoutouts settingsShoutouts settings

This setting in the web admin will enable or disable the new Shoutouts feature. It features some generic and customizable shoutouts for gamer engagement.

ggCrypto Overclocking Profiles Management

GPU overclocking profile settingsGPU overclocking profile settings

This feature is now fully accessible in the web admin and will allow centers to have custom overclocking profiles for ggCrypto that they can apply to each graphics card on their PCs.

New Support Platform

ggCircuit has changed CRM from Intercom to HubSpot. The chat support button is still accessible on the lower right side of the web admin.

SSO and Account Creation Options

SSO method and account creation optionsSSO method and account creation options

This setting adds the ability to choose the single sign-on method for user login and options for account creation in the client. It should effectively give flexibility to users when signing in or creating a new account. There's also the option to give free time to users that will register in the client.

Slide Option in Home Promo Setting

Previously, the promo section on the home page of the client can only show one type of content. While it is functional and gets the job done, this section of the home screen's lack of ability to transition to new promo content can be a limiting factor for a center's marketing campaign.

The recent update has added the ability to "add new slides" that can allow more than one type of content to be shown in the promo section. It also allows an unlimited amount of slides to be shown to the client.

Subscription Management

ggRock subscription can now be purchased in the web adminggRock subscription can now be purchased in the web admin

Esports center owners can now purchase subscriptions for ggRock on the Subscription management page of the web admin.

Deleted Users

User accounts that have been deleted will no longer appear in the user search results. Deleted users will appear in the Users section in the left side panel of the web admin if "can undelete users" permission is enabled for the employee.

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ggLeap Client


Shoutouts will appear in the Community feed in the clientShoutouts will appear in the Community feed in the client

If enabled in the web admin, the shoutouts will appear in a Community feed on the home page of the ggLeap client.

Game Tracking Updates

ggCircuit has removed Overwolf for game tracking. The ggLeap client itself now has the ability to collect game data for leaderboards and events.

On the other hand, the issue in the game, Valorant, where a username with spaces is not tracked is now fixed. DOTA 2 game tracking has also been improved.

Client Issue Fixes

A rare issue that causes crashing during client initialization has been fixed. An update where the ggLeap client will instead go to admin mode if it is unable to load has been applied; this removes the issue where the PC will just show a black screen if the client fails to initialize.


Other Fixes and Improvements

These are the latest fixes and improvements made to the ggLeap platform.

  • Fixed user profile image not loading intermittently
  • Fixed the incorrect color coding of the graphical view's PC/Console status in a room
  • Fixed employee permission "can manage layout rooms" where lock functionality in graphical view was not working
  • Fixed being able to save an empty custom field in the User Details Configuration
  • Fixed Report Configuration where the settings can be saved while the Start of Day has no time
  • Fixed an issue of being unable to close the “Select Existing Item” modal when editing prizes
  • Fixed a small UI issue on the graphical view that made a console node's text and expand arrow icon overlapping
  • Fixed issue where the "Delete note" button is disabled even when an employee has the right permission
  • Fixed the need to reload the user's profile to view changes when adding/removing legacy time
  • Fixed issue of being unable to edit PC/Console Groups name and consumption rate
  • Fixed login error when the token has expired
  • Fixed Dashboard layout on tablets
  • Fixed the logout issue in the search user menu that prevented logging in or logging out of users from that web admin menu
  • Fixed being unable to add notes on the user creation process.
  • Improved the GPU usage of the ggLeap client
  • Improved support for Russian localization
  • Tooltips improved to show more details and make web admin more intuitive
  • Activity Tracker improvements that improved filters and fixed the rare issue where the data for today are showing data from yesterday
  • Added PS5 into the console types list
  • Prepay can no longer be selected for guest sessions if the guest/legacy prices per hour are not set in Financial Configuration

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World-class Esports Center Management Software

ggLeap sets the benchmark for esports center management software, it is the only platform that offers the definitive and best solution for esports centers around the world. Aside from that, ggCircuit offers heart-pounding and exciting events that can be played exclusively in a venue with ggLeap.

Don't hesitate to contact our support team (available 24/7) if you have any questions about the update release. If you are looking for high-quality software to run your esports gaming center business, get in touch with our sales team at Please also check our changelog document.

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