What's New: ggLeap Feature Releases for May 2023

What's New: ggLeap Feature Releases for May 2023

The successful release of ggLeap 3.0 introduced the coupon system that enabled players to get a reservation in an otherwise busy esports venue. This feature along with other quality-of-life improvements gave esports venue owners around the world superb control over their business. However, ggLeap 3.0 is a gift that keeps on giving and we have released yet another major feature that will bring competitiveness among gamers in the ggCircuit network.

Of course, the ggCircuit dev team also added several improvements to the ggLeap client and admin that addresses some known issues. So, without further adieu, here are the things you can expect from ggLeap version 3.0.773.0.

ggLeap Arcade System

The new Arcade system enables you to create events in your esports venue that incentivizes gamers for playing their favorite esports titles. Aside from fostering friendly competition among your customer, the top players in the leaderboard can earn coins that they can exchange for prizes in your venue. The Arcade currently supports Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, and DOTA 2.


So how does it work? The Arcade configuration can be accessed on the Events section of the web admin. From there, you can create Challenges or Quests.


Challenges are a competitive type of event that pits players against each other by completing objectives that will grant them points. Depending on the settings of the event, players can keep playing within the duration of the event to accumulate points, or points from their best games are tallied and posted to the leaderboard. Coins are awarded based on the ranking of players in the leaderboard at the end of the event.

Esports venue owners can set Challenges to be a reoccurring or a one-time event. Either way, it’s a great way to incentivize players to keep playing in your venue.


Quests are a type of event that gives players an objective to complete to win coins. Depending on the settings of the Quest, some objectives may require to be completed several times or within a limited amount of tries. Unlike Challenges, a Quest will immediately award Coins to a gamer upon completion.

Active Quest details

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Aside from the Arcade-specific features, this release also saw some additions to the ggLeap client and web admin, as well as fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

ggLeap Client

  • Added 25 languages to the login screen and PC settings
  • Fixed issue with Roblox auto-login
  • Added new GamePass/Prizes images for ggLeap 3.0 (images can be downloaded in the ggLeap changelog)

ggLeap Web Admin

Fixes and Improvements

  • Removed permissions requirements from the Public API page
  • Fixed an image zoom issue on products added to ggLeap POS
  • Improved search functionality on marketing coupons
  • Fixed drag and drop functionality when arranging items in shop inventory
  • Fixed an issue where partial refunding of a transaction prevented further item refunds within the same transaction.
  • Fixed the issue where guest snack purchases were not appearing in the Activity Tracker.
  • Fixed a display amount issue in the Activity Tracker for transactions with discounts
  • Fixed “no data found” on start time in the Players Web Portal.
  • Fixed a display issue with promotion slides
  • Fixed issue with using a custom image to represent the ggCircuit “coin” for the prize vault
  • SAML SSO login window now automatically closes after 5 minutes if the user does not log in, or does not complete the SAML login
  • Fixed issue where pending online payment appears in the orders tab when a user from DCP checks out free bookings
  • Added a validation error for processing postpay orders with a discount during checkout.
  • Fixed a web admin bug that allowed for the “new user” modal to be opened repeatedly
  • Fixed tax calculation issues when adding items to the cart and checkout

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The above release and fixes are part of the ongoing improvements with ggLeap 3.0. To use the new Arcade feature, the client version must be updated to ggLeap version 3.0.773.0 (as of this writing). Feel free to get in touch with ggLeap Support to get assistance with setting up or if you have any questions regarding ggLeap 3.0.

You can view the ggLeap changelog here.

ggCircuit is a part of Esports Entertainment Group (GMBL).

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