What's New: ggLeap Feature Releases for May 2022

What's New: ggLeap Feature Releases for May 2022

The ggCircuit team has updated the ggLeap esports venue management software with new features and significant enhancements guaranteed to improve a user's gaming experience. This new version continues to move toward automation of a gaming center and providing upfront entry options for gaming customers. The launch of this release is available now to the ggLeap audience.

Also included in these feature releases are bug fixes that improve users' quality of life and updates to our booking system. You can find more details of its features in our article about the ggLeap booking system.

ggLeap Client Version 2.5172

This new ggLeap version introduces a feature that will allow players to log into a client PC even if they do not have any time left in their account. However, the access will be limited to 5 minutes and will only grant access to the client shop.

From there, it should the user interface will allow the user to do the following:

  • Make a purchase using their account balance.

  • Make a purchase using their earned coins.

  • Summon a staff member to make an in-person transaction.

  • Added the functionality to make a purchase and pay using a mobile phone via a branded QR code.

As mentioned before, fixes to some issues have been applied in this new version:

  • Fixed the issue where the Steam Launcher is terminated before a game's data is uploaded into the Steam cloud after a user quits a game.

  • Fixed issue with GoG autologin.

  • Fixed issue with editing or updating phone number by a user.

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Players Web Portal (PWP)

The Players Web Portal will enable esports venues to have their own dynamic, white-label website, which among other things, allows players to book and pay for computers prior to arrival. ggLeap customers are free to link to their booking portal or use it as an iframe on their own website.

Our team will be launching several iterations of this feature, which will usher in the next generation of the ggLeap platform's booking system!

Players Web Portal

Features of the PWP

  • Ability to connect the public URL of the PWP in the web admin.

Custom URL settings

  • The PWP will automatically use the logo and color theme set in client configuration settings. The video/image of the homepage has to be changed on the dedicated PWP settings page.

Custom background settings

  • Booking from the PWP will automatically detect available PCs from different rooms in the esports venue.

PC rooms

  • The system will try to pick computers next to each other for a group reservation.

  • Users will be required to log in or create a new account when making a reservation.

  • Only the party leader can make requests and finalize payment of the booked session.

  • The party leader will receive the group's OTP (One Time Password) that will unlock the PCs at the start of the session.

Party leader OTP

  • The center admin will receive an email confirmation for a successful booking and the calendar will automatically register the time slot and PCs for the session.

  • Hovering over the booking session in the calendar will show details that have been sent to the user.

  • The center admin can make last-minute updates to the reservation, including changing PCs and the number of users.

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Web Admin

The ggCircuit development team released new options and fixes for the web admin. Here's a list of what to expect:

  • Added option for users to pay using their phone via Stripe.

Payment options

  • Fixed known issues with the client customization page.

  • Added a new high-quality background video.

  • Added the ability to generate a device utilization report which center admins can download via CSV file format.

Device utilization report

Booking Fees

Payment options will be part of the booking system's many features. Currently, the payment options are limited, but the ggCircuit team will be expanding this in future updates.

Booking fee options

  • Center admins can now set a booking fee on top of each booking or charge a fee for each PC that will be reserved.

  • Option to charge premium booking fee depending on PC group is also added.

Please note that the booking fee does not include gaming time. The next update cycle will add the ability to pay for time and booking fees during the reservation.

The idea behind this current iteration of this feature is to be able to charge customers for the privilege and convenience of being able to book a gaming session online.

Final Notes

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team if you are interested in getting a demo of the ggLeap esports management software. The trial version has full access to all the aforementioned new features, and our support team is available 24/7 to assist in case any issue arises during testing.

Existing ggLeap customers should upgrade their client version to 2.5172 to apply the new features to their PCs. The information specified above is also available in our changelog.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates and feature releases coming to the ggLeap platform!

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