Is League of Legends Still Popular, or is it a Dying Game?

Is League of Legends Still Popular, or is it a Dying Game?

Most gamers have heard of League of Legends, and the title remains an exciting game in the esports industry. But just how popular is League of Legends? Many wonder how — or if — the video game continues to bring in fans. After all, it's been more than a decade; is League of Legends dying yet?

Currently, the League of Legends player count is more than 150 million, and the monthly players are close to 130 million. It also generates almost 12 million peak players in a day, and a good number of people claim that League of Legends is the only game they play.

Let's look at its history and how the developers of this popular esports title handled the initial challenges to give you an idea as to why a lot of players consider this their favorite game.

Short History of League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the many games that have been developed by the American video game developer Riot Games. It was introduced in 2009 and began to gain popularity in North America. Eventually, they would expand to add servers in Europe and other countries worldwide in the following years.

During its early phase, League of Legends encountered many challenges. At the start, some of the biggest issues about this online game were lag in their servers and buggy gameplay. Fortunately, Riot Games started to address these concerns immediately, and the game has experienced significant improvements ever since its launch. A few of the main changes that were applied included: even matchmaking, enhanced gameplay, reduced lag, and improved server performance. Additionally, many bugs were identified and removed, fixing many of the game's champions and items.

The improvement in graphical design also brought everything to life, and the map features and game modes they added brought even more excitement to the game.

League of Legends gameplayLeague of Legends gameplay

League of Legends has come a long way since its rocky start, and all of this credit goes to the faithful developers at Riot Games.

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How Does Riot Games Satisfy Its Players?

Many game developers of other F2P games should note how Riot Games satisfies the League of Legends player base. One significant approach that they take is by being active on social media.

League of Legends patch notesLeague of Legends patch notes

Riot Games employees are known for interacting with its gaming community, especially on their Twitter accounts. And Twitter is one of the places where they receive the most feedback concerning their game. Their developers love listening to what their players say, especially concerning new changes they make. 

For example, each time new content is rolled out, the developers obtain feedback. If major changes are necessary due to popular demand, they will provide them as soon as possible to resolve the issue and keep their fans happy.

Reasons Why People Love to Play League of Legends

If you're still wondering why League of Legends is so popular, consider the following reasons why people love playing this video game.

Competitive Games

A large number of players today are competitive, and League of Legends players are no different. As you rise in the game's rankings, you'll start seeing your achievements come to fruition. Not only will you receive rewards appropriate to your standing, but you'll also be matched with more proficient gamers the higher you go.

A major incentive to being competitive in League of Legends is the opportunity to play against professional players. In addition, reaching the Challenger rank in the game will place you in a division with only the best players.

This rank is where you have the highest chances of playing with or against the pros. There are even instances in which people who play well in the Challenger rank are invited to join professional teams.

Matchmaking is Quick, and Matches Are Short

League of Legends is more optimized than ever. Thanks to all the improvements and optimizations, playing matches is relatively easy and quick.

While some other games require you to spend hours finding a match and completing a session, you don't need to wait a long time to get into a game or finish one in League of Legends.

Even new players who've tried Riot Games' League of Legends mobile counterpart can say the same with Wild Rift. One could say it's the most popular game out there for this reason.


Connecting With Friends is Easy

Playing single-player video games is fun, but what's even more exhilarating is enjoying a match or two with people you know. The ability to play with friends is one of the biggest reasons why players stick around with League of Legends. In addition, many new games take place daily thanks to the multiplayer parts of the game.

Making friends on the platform is relatively easy to do, as well. You can add users and chat with them before, during, and after a new game. You can pretty much play with anyone you get along with here.

Amazing Esports Scene

Another reason for the success and fame of League of Legends is its esports scene. It's no secret that League of Legends esports have significantly impacted their active player count and the gaming world. In addition, their tournaments spread the game to other parts of the world, encouraging new players to try it.

LEC Summer 2022 Week 2LoL Esports

As mentioned earlier, League of Legends tournaments can be pretty competitive. This is especially true with their professional scene, where droves of fans will attend both minor and major events. The pro players also enjoy the thrill of trying to win the prize money at stake.

This has led to the game having multiple leagues representing the various regions and servers of the game. Each of these leagues will do its best to bring the top team onto the international tournaments scene so they can compete with others and get a shot in the League of Legends World Championship.

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So, Is League of Legends Dying?

There have been slow months with the League of Legends player base before. So sometimes, you might turn to your friend as you wait for more people to join your match and ask them, "Hey, is League of Legends dying?"

As it has been for many years, the answer is no, absolutely not.

But why is League of Legends dying out such a strange thought? It's not a new game by any means, yet the League of Legends player base has continued to increase in recent years. With many new things that Riot Games release for League of Legends, including routine patches and updates, new champions, and international gaming tournaments, it seems that the game won't slow down any time soon.

When you look at the statistics, you can see that more people are now playing the game than ever. So although there are times when the developers experience a loss in terms of player numbers, the metrics would often show double the active users in the following months.


League of Legends dying is not something that will happen any time soon. It has been around for over a decade with a thriving, active community and continues to drive new players to its database; it's firm in its place as one of the best esports titles in the gaming industry today.

The community has been loyal since the beginning, and the developers have continued to reward active players for their loyalty with new maps, free skins, and other quality updates. With so many fans, this player base isn't going anywhere any time soon.

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