Uptime Esports: Boston's Premier Youth Oriented Gaming Center

Uptime Esports: Boston's Premier Youth Oriented Gaming Center

Established in 2019, Uptime Esports is a premium esports gaming center located in Hanover, MA. This esports venue aims to provide a venue where aspiring young gamers can train to join the world of professional gaming.

The owners of this center (who are parents to gamers themselves) wanted to remove the stigma often associated with video games and to provide a space for young gamers where they could meet their friends and other like-minded people.

So they created Uptime Esports and added training programs with a holistic approach to help kids get the skills needed for professional gaming while promoting their core values of Balance, Teamwork, Respect, and Positivity.

While the center's programs are mostly youth-oriented, they are actually designed to be competitive and will help a gamer towards a pro-player career. The facility of Uptime Esports lends itself well to the competitive nature of esports and matured players will feel right at home.

Esports Center Amenities

Gamers who are looking for a great esports gaming experience will not be disappointed with Uptime Esports! The facility has several sections that can cater to casual and competitive gamers and the venue's 7,000 square feet of space is perfect for a birthday party and any type of private event.

The location uses three-dedicated internet connections that ensure gaming will never be interrupted and an onsite PXE server guarantees that games will be always up to date. This venue also generously offers free WiFi to visitors.

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Gaming Area

This is the main area and all of the center's 50 high-end gaming PCs are located here. Uptime Esports has wisely utilized ggLeap esports management software to enhance the experience of their customers and to easily manage their PCs.

Gaming AreaGaming Area

Players can rent a PC for $7 per hour or get a day pass (up to 6 hours of gaming) for only $20! Any gamer that is looking to get better with games can opt for a private lesson for $45 per hour.

The Arena

This aptly-named section of Uptime Esports is where they host various gaming tournaments and events. The stage has 12 high-end PCs with webcams and 2 rows of audience-facing 40" monitors that will show each player's webcam and gameplay.

The ArenaThe Arena

The Arena also has a 200" screen and 120" side screens with projectors that are perfect for showing a game event's highlights or slideshows of a corporate event.

Console players are not left out as there are 6 PS4s and 6 Nintendo Switches. Esports events can be broadcast on Twitch and Youtube. This area is very spacious and spectators can watch in comfort as there are 100 dedicated seats facing the stage.

The Pit

The PitThe Pit

The Pit is where Uptime Esports' console gaming happens! Each of the 10 stations has Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. A console station can have up to 2 players and their game time is monitored via the ggLeap web admin.

Team Rooms

These are Uptime Esports' dedicated team rooms for training or if a group of players simply wants to have privacy while gaming. Each room can accommodate six players and also comes with a monitor and whiteboard for analyzing game strategy and tactics.

The Nest

The Nest is the center's production and broadcast studio. It comes with all the necessary equipment for content creation or game streaming and broadcasting. All the center's tournaments and events are live-streamed in this section.

The NestThe Nest

Interested in learning how to live stream? Any interested person can sign up in Uptime Esports' Broadcast Academy, a program that teaches the fundamentals of producing, streaming, and broadcasting content.

AFK (Away From Keyboard)

This is probably the most unique section of Uptime Esports and one that also embodies their philosophy about having balance in life. This section is complete with artificial turf and toys such as hula hoops, jump ropes, and a giant Jenga to encourage players to move.

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Uptime Esports' Gaming Equipment

Gaming PC

This esports center has high-end gaming PCs and equipment that ensure a competitive edge in any esports title.

  • CPU: i7 9700K
  • GPU: GeForce RTX 2070
  • Peripherals: Logitech Pro Gaming Keyboard and Mouse, 24" Acer Gaming Monitor

Virtual Reality

Any gamers that are looking for a more immersive experience can rent Uptime Esports' VR equipment for $10 for 20 minutes.

  • Oculus Rift VR Headset


Gamers have a choice between two gaming console platforms in Uptime Esports.

  • Playstation 4
  • Nintendo Switch

Uptime United Esports Program

The owners of Uptime Esports found it difficult to find an esports program so their teenage sons can play on a team and get professional coaching. Aside from that, they did not find any program that actually teaches players how to balance gaming and life while maintaining physical fitness and nutrition. It dawned upon them that they need to spearhead this undertaking themselves and Uptime United was conceived.

Uptime United is a youth-oriented esports program that is centered around the center's core values and allows gamers to participate and join gaming events, content creation, and a chance to play in their professional team. To be a member of their professional team, a player must join Uptime Esports' Club teams, which primarily aim to improve a player's gaming skills.

Events and Competitions in Uptime Esports

Uptime Esports' gaming events and competitions are never in short supply! The Events section of their website has a very long list of upcoming events that range from competitive esports gaming to social gaming days that allow kids to interact with other kids.

They also have a great Super Smash community that is evident by their weekly competition (as of this writing) for this highly popular Nintendo game.

Positive Gaming Experience

Needless to say that by providing an outlet for kids that allows them to pursue their passion while guiding them to make correct choices and putting emphasis on game/life balance will remove the incorrect perception about esports and video games in general. Much like any other form of entertainment, there are things to be learned and career paths to be pursued in esports.

Uptime Esports provides the venue and programs that foster competitive gaming in a very positive way. We can all agree that our industry needs more of these types of programs that will not only ensure financial success for center owners but will also give young gamers great values that they can use with the other aspect of their lives.

All images are taken from Uptime Esports' Facebook page.

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