Hot Springs Esports Center: Elite Gaming in Arkansas

Hot Springs Esports Center: Elite Gaming in Arkansas

Are you in search of an elite gaming experience in Arkansas? A short drive away from Rockwell and Piney, Hot Springs Esports Center offers gamers a unique esports experience. As the only primer esports hub in its location, Hot Springs Esports Center is quickly generating a massive following.


With its equipment to its high-end amenities, Hot Springs Esports Center guarantees nothing shy of a gaming experience that's bound to last hours. The center has also played host to events of every scale, gaining national renown amongst gamers from outside the state.

Hot Springs Esports gaming terminalHot Springs Esports gaming terminal

Read on to learn more about this up-and-coming esports haven fresh off the state of quartz and archery bows!


State-of-the-Art Equipment by Alienware

Hot Springs Esports Alienware terminalHot Springs Esports Alienware terminal

Each day, gamers enter the glass doors of Hot Springs Esports. And, it's easy to see why.

Gamers who grace this esports have with their presence will be treated to terminals equipped with Alienware towers. Each computer terminal is powered by the latest Alienware tech. The sheer power delivered by the Alienware towers offers a seamless gaming excursion.

The gaming infrastructure is backed by high-speed LAN connections. As a result, never will lag time get in the way of any gamer's quest to the top of the leaderboards.

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Ergonomics at its Peak Best

Hot Springs Esports gaming terminal is equipped with Yoleny and S-Racer gaming chairsHot Springs Esports gaming terminal is equipped with Yoleny and S-Racer gaming chairs

All 40 computer terminals are also outfitted with the most ergonomic setup powered by Logitech. Built for a stylistic gaming experience, curved 30-inch Logitech monitors provide stunning visuals. The Logitech mouse and keyboard are also ubiquitous through the gaming area, guaranteeing a comfortable gaming experience for all patrons.

As well, comfort is guaranteed with the facility's new Yoleny and S-Racer gaming chairs. With these gaming chairs, the spine health of every gamer will experience a new world of comfort for every hour of play.


The Site of Every Major Event —National or Local

In 2021 alone, Hot Springs Esports Center has already hosted major team events in games such as Call of Duty: Cold War, Rainbow 6: Seige, and many more. In its first four months of operation in 2021, it had already played host to nearly 115 special events.

Today, Hot Springs Esports continues to host major events for competitive gamers looking to find their names on the leaderboards in the state and nationwide.

Gamers can check for and take advantage of events, registration, and availability on the Hot Springs Esports site. Gamers are also encouraged to follow the facility on social media to keep abreast with events on location and announcements for free.

Anyone who wants a share of the gaming pie can subscribe to the Hot Springs Esports Facebook page too.


Competitive and Non-Competitive Play

One of the hallmarks of Hot Springs Esports is its openness to competitive and recreational gamers alike. The facilities and amenities make Hot Springs Esports built to welcome gamers of all skill levels and aspirations.

Pools of competitive gamers can log in and compete with others from all over the world in games like Fortnight, Overwatch, and Call of Duty.

Novice gamers are also free to take their gaming to the next level as they play with and alongside top gamers in the state. Whether as part of a team or individually, non-competitive gamers will get a kick out of gaming.

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One Place to Get Computer and Console Gaming

Hot Springs Esports console gaming stationHot Springs Esports console gaming station

When it comes to the freedom to choose gaming platforms, few other esports hubs can come close. Hot Springs Esports isn't just one of the first of its kind in Arkansas. It is also one of the first in the state to deliver console gaming.

Xbox consoles are available not too far from the computer terminals. Regardless of preference, gamers in search of either console or desktop are not out of choices.


A Menu of 100 Games... And, the List Keeps Expanding!

Hot Springs Esports continues to add more popular games to its growing games library. At the time of writing, Hot Springs has more than 100 of the world's most popular games. And, in all these games, the facility has held at least one event for competitive gamers.

Members and guests are always happy to learn of every game addition to the library. Hot Springs Esports updates its game library almost every day — so much so that gamers will always find a new game after they check the library.


Competitive Gaming and Rates to Match

More than an atmosphere that empowers gamers, there are also highly affordable rates for memberships and day passes. For those wishing to try out the facilities before making a commitment, non-member rates are available starting at $7.99 an hour.

On the other hand, membership perks abound, particularly with the platinum membership that offers unlimited game time. For no more than $80 a month, platinum members can enjoy hours upon hours of gaming.

With in-store credit, members can also purchase snacks and beverages for an enjoyable all-around day at the center. With free WiFi connection available for both members and non-members, the waiting game can feel as enjoyable as actual gaming.


Take Gaming to the Elite Level in Arkansas!

State-of-the-art in its equipment and high-end in its amenities, Hot Springs Esports is the place to be for a fine gaming experience in Arkansas.

Hot Springs Esports is located at 1609 Albert Pike Road, Suite B, Hot Springs, AR.

Experience elite-tier gaming first hand in Arkansas at Hot Springs Esports Center!

All images are taken from Hot Springs Esports Center's website.

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