ggLeap's Brand New Leaderboards and Auto Coin Payout System

ggLeap's Brand New Leaderboards and Auto Coin Payout System

Our team at ggCircuit has always believed in making things simple and efficient. The very reason why our software exists is to provide easy to use management software esports centers and to provide incentives for players to come back. Creating online events, point tracking, coin reward are all factors of allowing owners to interact with players by providing unique, automated incentives. This includes in our built-in leaderboards.

The leaderboards were temporarily removed (including the slider) to overhaul and improve how it works. This feature will become available again with the addition of the ability to automatically reward top players with coins.

Upcoming games and game modes

The new leaderboards will launch with 4 games, each with a specific mode where points are collected from. We will increase the number of games and modes with every upcoming patch:

Mock up of how the leaderboards will look like in the clientMockup of how the leaderboards will look like in the client

Fortnite - Solo Ranked

Valorant - Competitive

League of Legends (Riot only) - 5v5 Ranked

Apex - Ranked

Players who play any of these games (in the specified game mode) will automatically get their points data tracked in leaderboards without the user having to do anything else but play the game.

Centers can completely disable the leaderboard for any game that is not popular among their customers. This program can be enabled for ggLeap, ggHome (formerly, AtHome), or both.

How the new Coin payouts system work

The system will automatically payout coins to the winners in a newly created dynamic system. The coin amount is set individually by the administrator of each center. Since everyone's coin economy can be different, it is important that every owner sets the rates that are applicable to their business.

You will have the option to set the amount of coins payouts for each game and leaderboardsYou will have the option to set the amount of coins payouts for each game and leaderboards

This means that the USA weekly leaderboard for Valorant if played from “eBash gaming center”, could have a completely different coin payout structure compared to a gamer playing from “Helix gaming center” even though both centers are in the same region and are competing in the exact same leaderboard.

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Local/Center Leaderboards

These leaderboards will involve only the players from the single center. The administrator will be required to set the “prize purse” (the total amount of coins that will be won).

Center edits the payout structure for a daily LOL leaderboardAn example where a center edits the payout structure for a daily LOL leaderboard

In the above example, the admin has decided that:

  • 1st place = 2,000 coins
  • 2nd place = 1,000 coins
  • 3rd place = 750 coins
  • 4th place = 500 coins
  • 5th-10th place each get 125 coins
  • Total prize purse = 5,000 coins

If 10 different players play League of Legends on a given day, then 5,000 coins will be paid out to the participating players according to their rank, automatically at the end of the day.

NOTE: This is very different however compared to regional and global leaderboards

Regional/Global Leaderboards

For regional/global leaderboards we recommend that the prize purse is set far higher than the local leaderboards purse for the following reasons:

  • There are FAR more players involved and therefore it will require a lot more dedication for any player to reach the top of these leaderboards
  • Even if you commit to a prize purse of 100,000 coins for a weekly Valorant leaderboard where the top 10 players win something - if none of your players make the top 10, your actual payout is zero. This is great for enticing your customers to play more in your esports center (assuming you have some good prizes in your prize vault).

High coin payouts for regional/global leaderboards are recommended for marketing purposes knowing that for any player to actually reach the top of those leaderboards, they will have to log hours upon hours of game time, and are still likely to fail.

It is up to each center admin to strike the right balance, knowing the relative skill level of their players and the right coin payout number.

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How we expect you to use this new rewards system

The leaderboards can just be for fun with no coin payouts, however, it could be a powerful marketing tool for your center to attract competitive gamers who like to outrank opponents across the country (or the world) for the chance to win something from your prize vault.

So if you want to encourage your gamers to be excited about this program, there should be some attractive prizes that they can purchase from your prize vault. This will create value for your customers so that they feel that they are working on something that rewards them for spending money in your business.

Another thing to consider is that when a really good player actually makes it in the top spot in the leaderboards, it will effectively put your esports center on the map!

Points are automatically tracked and posted to the leaderboardsPoints are automatically tracked and posted to the leaderboards

Recommended Settings

Here is an example of a possible configuration of leaderboards for a random center

It is worth noting that:

  • The daily payout for the local leaderboards is modest.
  • The weekly/monthly payout for the local leaderboards is significant and will definitely be won by players. You should take into consideration the actual cost of the prizes that you can provide vs the money that can be earned from customers' game time.
  • The daily/weekly/monthly payouts for regional/global are huge, however, the payouts are spread over a large number of players. The actual probability of players making it to the top 10 is very slim, but it is still a good incentive for a competitive player to aim for.
  • Adding merch in the prize vault that includes your esports venue logo or theme is another good way to promote your brand.

All of the above settings can be tweaked to suit your business.

ggLeap leaderboards just got better

The additional free feature to the leaderboards should encourage old or new customers to log more game time in your esports center. This model is actually similar to traditional arcade games where players can win tickets to exchange for prizes. We just up the ante by making it available for esports games and by putting it in the ggLeap network (which basically makes it a global affair).

You ask why this feature is also available for home players? The answer: brand loyalty. We believe that customer retention is very important for an esports center business to succeed. Remember that you can charge home players a membership fee before they can participate so you can still earn revenue.

Mark your calendar because this feature will be released on Tuesday, 7th September 2021! We accept volunteers if you want early access to this feature and opt-in to our #powerusers program.

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